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Health Crime

HTV uncovers the various health crimes that exist in our society at a large extent in the most explicit way.  The inclusion of introspective exploration and factual research of crime investigation on mainly health based criminal activities.

HTV ’s objective is to blowout the right information regarding health crime to the people and create awareness in the right direction.  It will certainly eliminate the risk factor of taking consultations from all and sundry doctors. Also, their genuineness in terms of their professional practice and preventing the masses from a substantial obliteration of their valuable lives that occurs primarily due to absence of awareness and mindfulness accordingly.

At HTV, informative health shows enlighten the people towards health crime and how to refrain from the false and fabricated practitioners.  HTV shows are imparting well-run knowledge regarding the unseen health crime in Pakistan. Read about the health news that reveal and highlight the health based crimes in our society which have negative repercussions on our lives.