Here’s a list of fashion trends you should (or should not) follow this summer


Ever watched a boxing match? Somewhat similar scenarios take place inside the fashion industry ring, where trends punch each other in the face – sometimes knocking others down, sometimes getting knocked down themselves. However, fortunately, the evergreen trends have managed to find a safe spot for them with nobody being able to knock them down as they continue to remain our favorite!

Trends, they are always seen struggling tenaciously with each other. With the emergence of one, the disappearance of the other is viewed as inevitable. Then there are some trends that resurrect; they emerge after being replaced or lost. However, some trends tend to stay evergreen and their disappearance with the resurfacing or introduction of other events is mutually exclusive. All such trends would be discussed here with the hopes of giving the reader an insight of how to play dress-up in this oozing summer blaze!


And then more pearls; and then some more.

Pearl-work has taken a lead as the most common work done on all dresses now; whether it is casual, formal or bridal. Attaching three pearls together in the form of a very compact triangle and studding the dress entirely from head to toe with them is what has probably replaced the old concept of waves on floral work, running from shoulders to the hem of the dress.

Very often, pearls are also inculcated with dabka to make the floral designing appear to be more intricate and exquisite.


Another very striking emerging trend is that of digital printing, which has taken the textile industry to a whole new level. Digital printing is done on charmeuse silk with floral print in exciting hues. Since the dress has a digitally printed work on it, it comes with a pricey range and so is also considered high-end nowadays. With the passage of time, more attention has been given to it, which is changing things very quickly in the fashion industry.


Ombre, which creates a color progression from lightest to darkest (of the same shade), has been quite a super-head lately, whether it’s in the textile industry or in hair dye cosmetology. Many ramps and fashion runways have showcased ombre dresses, so you too better get a hand on them, pair them up with your favorite heels and bag and you are good to turn heads around!


These are one of my favorite new trends. I am in love with that waist-fitted ocean of colors falling into a river of style and elegance as it goes down and reaches the floor. Now even ghagras are made into a high skirt fitting to get that royal grace. High waist skirts can be perfect for any formal gathering in the evening, or if you get the traditional work done as a ghagra then hands down you can pull it off at any wedding.


After being absent for more than half a decade, they are back with a bang! Short kurtas paired with cigarette pants can help you get that fashionista look. What is left is to don them with your favorite pair of wedges, dab on a nude lip color, get your shades on and you are all set for the cool summer look.


Yes, they are back after being missing in action for a significant time span. Oh, how we missed you! Pairing them up with a high waist ghagra would indeed make you the new girl-on-fire in town!


They have totally vanished now, as if they were never really here. Like we never really wore them, like we never really owned them. Yes, we all know now they are used as a sleeping garment; all girls have been there and done that. The loose desi version of bell bottom is a big no-no.


Wake up girls, Humsafar is over and so is the trend for chooridaar sleeves and pajamas with long peshwas.


Time has proven that this refined costume is as classy and fabulous as it was back in the day. Whether it is chiffon or net or banarsi, whether it has pearls or kundan or gota, this piece of costume is loved worldwide. It continues to be an essential part of all desi women’s wardrobe and they cannot get enough of the anchal falling off their shoulder.

With having said that, it’s a wrap! I hope this helped you in choosing what outfit to wear for a formal event or for a wedding.