Which Haircut Suits Your Face Shape?


Knowing and visualizing the right haircut for your face is very important. Just because your favorite celebrity is able to pull off fringes does not mean that you can do it too. You don’t have to be under any sort of pressure if one particular hair style makes you look not-so-cool as compared to your friend or a colleague. Following are a few tips for you to figure out which haircut you should opt for.

Haircuts for a Round Face


People with a round face have wide cheeks and flatter a wide forehead, so be happy about it if you have one, because it is going to make you look younger than your age. Go for haircuts and styles which have a width and a height to cover up the roundness. Wavy and curly hair look good on round faces. If you get bangs make sure that they reach up to your cheek bones. Tell your hair stylist to give you layers from the front and steps from the back to make your face look thin. Too much volume can make you look fat even when you don’t have any extra pound to lose.

Haircuts for Long Face


People with long faces appear longer because of wide forehead and long chin. If you have a long face, then go for haircuts that have width to counterbalance the long shape of your face. Get a straight bob cut or add some long layers to it. Avoid center parting as it will make your face look longer and you may add curls and waves to your hair to give it width. Fringes look good on people with long faces but don’t straighten your hair as it will make your face look longer. A lot of volume in your haircut can hide your face entirely and make you look super skinny, so opt for a haircut that is not too thin and not too voluminous.

Haircuts for Heart-Shaped Face


haircut for heart shaped face

People with heart shaped faces may opt for fringes in order to completely hide your hairline. Go for layers starting from around your jaw-line to balance the pointed chin. Make sure that your fringes are long and don’t have a lot of volume. People are usually embarrassed of their hair line, but some people can easily pull off a high pony tail as well. A lose pony tail with fringes can give you a soft look.

Haircuts for Square-Shaped Face

haircuts for square shaped face

People with square-shaped faces appear to give a very strong and angular look. If you have a square-shaped face then emphasize on your jaw-line. Get a slanted bob cut which are longer from the front and reach just below your jaw-line. Opting for a blunt and sharp hair style will enhance the angular shape of your face, so go for soft waves. Tell your hair stylist to give you a messy hair cut with long layers and soft waves so that it gives your face a soft look.

Haircuts for Oval-Shaped Face

haircut for oval shaped face

Oval shape is considered the best shape in face. People with oval faces have a balanced forehead and chin, so they have endless options when it comes to haircuts. Show off your features and avoid getting fringes because they will make your face appear to be round in shape. Opt for layers of short length to give a youthful look, but if you want a very classy and professional look then go for long layers. Don’t fall for your salon lady’s words when she tells you to reduce the volume, because good volume will make your hair look healthy and also leave you with more options in the future. You can also centrally part your hair and give soft waves for a beachy-look.