Finding baby names and meanings for your newborns may not be an easy task. Children names must be unique and beautiful since that is their identity. They will carry around with them for the rest of their lives — from their cradle to their graves! Therefore, naming a baby is a sacred duty.

Everyone looks for a meaningful name that embodies good character and qualities. Therefore, when you are selecting a name you come across and reject a millions names before finalizing that one word you found to be the most mesmerizing. However, going through several books and asking around are not very effective methods of finding baby names.

Don’t worry; HTV can help you finalize your baby’s name!

HTV – A Portal for Baby Names

At HTV website, we offer an online portal for names. Our portal has both, baby girl names and baby boy names. In addition to providing you with a range of catchy, we offer the origins as well as the meaning of names. Our aim is to make it easier for you to find baby names that you like. Therefore, in this section we have gathered all the beautiful names with even more beautiful meanings that are also unique and have interesting origins.

We offer the most authentic and the most detailed collection of baby names with various origins. Our baby names and meanings section is the best place for you if you are hunting for a fashionable yet traditional and popular name for your baby!