A complete guide to choosing the right DXRacer chair

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It can be overwhelming to choose an appropriate gaming chair. For the DXRacer model specifically, there are many models characterized by different features.

DXRacer gaming chairs are considered the best not only for being comfortable, but also in the way they have a stylish design and are strongly built. Although particular features like a comfy backrest, adjustability and sturdy framework are standard for all DXRacer gaming chairs, you must be alert when choosing a suitable gaming chair from the variety available because the thoroughness of the features differ.

Luckily, this article is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right DXRacer gaming chair to befit your preferences.

DxRacer Formula Series (F Series)

The F series of the DXRacer model was designed for eSports for an average gamer, with a cover of a mixture of mesh and PU leather. However, this gaming chair can adjust up to 178 cm as concerns height, which means it is suitable for short gamers.

The chair has a strong base featuring properly cushioned armrests, headrest and lumbar cushions and a flexible backrest, with a lean-back angle of up to 135 degrees, with a high back that supports your entire back column throughout gaming or napping. The F series model has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds, and hence, suits gamers with narrow or medium-sized bodies.

DXRacer Drifting (D Series)

The D series is not much different from the Formula series, but it has more comfort than the Formula series because it has a thicker padding. The chair comes with extra pillows for the headrest and the lumbar region, as well as an adequate padding all over the seat surface. Unlike the F series, this model reclines up to 170 degrees with a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds, not to mention, adjustable armrests.

DXRacer Iron (I Series)

The I series is the successor of the Formula series that features a better steel framework for increased durability and a higher weight capacity of 300 pounds. This chair spots a leather style vinyl cover with a thick padding all over, coupled with extra lumbar and headrest cushions. The I series also has 4D adjustable armrests which are comfortable to use.

DXRacer Classic Series (C Series)

DXRacer Classic is a multi-functional gaming chair that features a leather style vinyl and comes in three different colors that are not too flashy, and therefore, can effortlessly be used in an office setting without striking off as wrongly placed. The chair is not the typical ergonomically designed office chair, but is rather flat on the siting area. It has 3D adjustable armrests and a unique headrest in that it is U-shaped.

The classic series is a universal chair that can be used by people with different body sizes, with a high weight limit of 300 pounds and a recline angle of approximately 120 degrees.

DXRacer King Series (K Series)

 As suggested by the name, the King series is made with the intention of making a gamer feel like a king. The chair spots a large seat width surface and an impressive high weight capacity of around 350 pounds, and is therefore suitable for large-sized bodies.

The king series has an ergonomic design customized for comfort with lumbar support and headrest cushioning, not forgetting, highly 5D adjustable armrests and a recline angle of up to 135 degrees. Nonetheless, this chair does not give the body-hugging cozy experience and may not be too comfortable for you if you are smaller in body size.

DXRacer Sentinel (S Series)

The S series is probably the most universal gaming chair in the market in the way it befits a variety of body sizes. this chair has an impressive weight capacity of 350 pounds with an ergonomic style with incredible back and lumbar support and extra pillows for comfort. The chair has a recline angle of 135 degrees, 4D adjustable armrests, all adding to the coziness during gaming.

DXRacer Tank (T Series)

The T series is pretty similar to the King series, but has a higher weight capacity of 450 pounds, which makes it perfect for heavy gamers. The T series is made for tall gamers with athletic features, with a larger aluminum base and larger wheels than that in other series.

The chair leans back up to 120 degrees and has 4D adjustable armrests, and comes with extra pillows for the headrest and lumbar support. Overall, the T series is made for heavy duty mechanism.


The DXRacer gaming chair models come in a variety of series, all of which befit different gamers uniquely. Depending on the features you are looking for, you may need to spend more money on some series more than the other.