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Honey is Awesome!

Do you know how amazing honey is? I’m not only taking about the sugary taste, but its benefits for the body. Combined with water, there are many wonders it can do for you overall. Read on to find out what it is I am talking about.

As Muslims we believe in the barakah and healing that comes from following the methods taught by our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Therefore, we deem tib e nabvi SAW an important alternative medicine technique of curing diseases, pains, and mental health problems. In our tib e nabvi section, we provide you with various health advices as found in authentic Ahadith.

In addition to discussing which ayahs and duas to recite, our prophet SAW has also informed us about the use of certain foods and herbs to cure specific kind of health problems. Moreover, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can help improve your overall health. Recently, more and more of these methods are being proved workable after extensive scientific research.

Minor changes in habits, such as sleeping on your right side and using miswak – a teeth cleaning twig has been proven as good for health. Backed by scientific research, these advices are being taken seriously in the western world too. If the western world can benefit from our religion, there is nothing that should stop us!

Moreover, using tib e nabvi is following the sunnah of our Prophet SAW, which apart from being beneficial for health is also a source of earning sawab. Also, tib e nabvi works on preventative principle. This means that it not only cures a problem but ensures that you stay safe from it in the future as well. Navigate through our page on tib e nabvi SAW to find the best health advice that you can ever get from anyone!

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