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Woh Jhoot Jo Aap Roz Boltey Hain?

Everyone has that one white lie " Jhoot " that just always slips out when confronted, whether it is to get out of work, keep your shareef reputation intact or if you’re getting really late to a gathering you had to be on time for! Watch…

What do we call ‘Table’ in Urdu?

If you really think about it, what DO you call table in Urdu? Table, right? Wrong! Turns out it has an Urdu name of its own! If you’ve been calling it ‘table’ all your life, watch this episode to find out what it really is called in Urdu.…

Common sense: Charlie Chaplin

In this episode of common sense, Charlie Chaplin runs rampant in Sunway Lagoon Water Park asking people his common sense questions! Today’s question? ‘Wo kiya cheez hai jo zameen mai phainko nahi tothti lekin pani mai phaikho toth jati…

Fake Doctors?

Doctors are the most respected professionals in our community…but what if some of our community’s respected healers are not who they say they are? While most doctors have studied for a long time to get where they are, some may not be as…

Liaquatabad Building Collapse

The people of Liaquatabad could not have predicted such a disaster to their homes. It took the collapse of a building in a bustling neighborhood of Liaquatabad for authorities to realize their carelessness. Family, homes, belongings and…

6 Lifestyle Changes for Good Health

“Good” Health is not achieved by physical fitness alone; mental health and stability is just as pertinent for a healthy self. Read further to discover some great and easy life hacks for a healthier and improved you.

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