Sargodha’s Administration Pays No Heed To Worries Of Local Residents

Team HTV Jul 22 2014

It seems that Sargodha’s administration and management has concentrated its complete efforts on the smooth running of the Ramadan bazaars in the area. All other concerns have been pushed to one side and remain unheard. The residents of UC 153, especially those living in Nawab Colony and Basheer Colony, have expressed concerns about the sewerage problems plaguing their neighborhoods. Contaminated water from the defunct sewerage system has seeped into the streets and commercial making it very difficult for the residents to leave their homes and carry out their routine activities. Exposure to bacterial agents has led to an alarming increase in the incidence of diseases amongst the children and the elderly. The residents have demanded that the management of Sargodha look into these concerns and take speedy action to rectify them.

Team HTV

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