Sanghar: Absence Of Doctors Causes Problems For Patients

Team HTV Oct 14 2014

Civil Hospital Sanghar was constructed by the government with the aim of providing healthcare facilities to the area’s population of 5 lakh. However, an acute lack of adequate doctors has resulted in operations being hampered and treatment being delayed. Patients who turn to this hospital in search of healthcare are sent to other hospitals because of the unavailability of even those doctors that have been hired for their services. It is estimated that at least 30 new doctors are needed, in addition to ensuring that those doctors already employed actually show up to fulfill their responsibilities. Mounting frustrations have led to attacks on the existing paramedical staff. Just recently irate patients stormed a civil surgeon’s room and made him a target of their anger. According to reports, a woman had to deliver her baby in a rickshaw when the resident lady doctor did not show up after several hours of waiting.

Team HTV

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