Platelet machines collecting dust in Sindh government hospitals

Team HTV Aug 25 2015

Health Department Sindh has failed to make mega platelet machines functional at majority of the government hospitals in the province.

The blood cell separators were bought 5 years back by the department, costing around Rs. 50 million. These highly essential and delicate machines were supposed to be set up in the public sector hospitals of Sindh. However, they have been collecting dust since 2010.

The mega platelet machinery separates and collects blood components: Red/White blood cells, Plasma and Platelets.

Few concerned hospital officials are concerned about the delaying of the installation. They have stressed that dengue patients require platelets. However, patients have to buy platelets privately at high costs but as the platelets machines are not operational, yet they are present in the hospital.

As per other officials, the delay of the installation of the machinery is only due to the deficiency of equipment and experienced staff.

Currently, the only functional machine is at Karachi Civil Hospital, while Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Sindh Government Qatar Hospital Orangi, Lyari General Hospital, Chandka Medical Hospital, Liaquat Medical College and People’s Medical College and various other hospitals in the province still lack the essential machine.

Ahmed Mangnejo, Provincial Secretary for Health, has pledged to make sure these machineries become functional without further delay throughout the province.

Team HTV

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