Lahore: Anti-Polio Campaign Feared To Be Unsuccessful

Team HTV Oct 03 2014

It is feared that the Punjab anti-polio campaign will prove to be unsuccessful in its efforts to eradicate polio from the province. 750 families have refused to allow workers to vaccinate their children, and up to 3.5 lakh children were not able to receive vaccinations during the course of the campaign. According to the official breakdown of figures, 400 families in Rawalpindi and 86 in Lahore have refused vaccinations. Polio workers were also attacked in Khanpur, leaving 4 workers injured after unidentified people opened fire at them. The workers stationed at Khanpur have decided to boycott the campaign in protest of this attack. In total, it is estimated that at least 36,000 children have received no form of vaccination since birth.

Team HTV

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