Karachi: Daily Wage Earners Suffer The Most

Team HTV Sep 08 2014

Amidst calls for inqilab and regular dharnas, the politicians in question seem to have overlooked the troubles of the less privileged socioeconomic class of the country. Daily wage earners have been unable to find work for the past several days due to the state of unrest in the cities of Islamabad and Karachi. In a media survey, these poor laborers said that they had been unable to find work for the past 5 days and had no money to take home for food. Their families have been hungry for several days, and the thought of going back home without food is unbearable. Many of them are also falling prey to psychological troubles. It seems that, as always, the poor and underprivileged class has been overlooked in the greater political game.

Team HTV

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