Hub: Monitoring Of Anti-Polio Campaign Entrusted To The Provincial Government

Team HTV Oct 02 2014

Hafiz Basit, Environmental Secretary for Balochistan, stated that the government was taking speedy measures to eradicate polio from the province. In an augural ceremony held at the Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital, he told media personnel that Pakistan’s name had been affected in the international community because of the spread of polio. This is why the government has not spared any details in ensuring that this campaign is a success. According to the Deputy Commissioner Lasbela, Fawad Ghaffar Soomro, arrangements have been made for 240 mobile teams to administer polio vaccinations and vitamin D drops to children. It is estimated that at least 1 lakh children will be vaccinated. To ensure the smooth functioning of the campaign 49 area in-charges, 23 UC medical officers, 28 transit points, and 24 fixed centers have been delegated and established.

Team HTV

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