Scientists say the First victim of Ebola Used to Play with Bats

Team HTV Jan 09 2015

Experts say bats may be carrying the germs of Ebola. According to Scientists, the Ebola virus started from a 2 year old boy who used to play with bats inside a hollow tree in Guinea.

Scientists inquired the people of Guinea regarding the virus and collected some evidence. This team of scientists investigating mentioned the investigated information in e-MB and the Molecular Medicine journal. Malinda is a village surrounded by Guinea’s forests where bats exist in large quantities. Scientists believe that the two year old boy Ameel caught the virus from there. Although the tests don’t prove that the bats carry the virus in them, the experiments carried earlier prove that there might be germs of Ebola in the bats. Experts have suggested that killing the bats may not eliminate the disease because they eat mosquitoes that carry malaria.

Team HTV

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