Earthquake aftermath

Team HTV Mar 18 2015

The worst Earthquake hit Baluchistan area Awaran, a place where there is just one government hospital with only 50 beds while the total population is more than 3 million. For every hundred people, there is just one doctor. Sources have learned that Awaran is a bleak and residual area of the biggest province, with infertile ranges of land and no basic human facilities. Even drinkable water isn’t available and people are now used to digging out wells where they get contaminated water for their survival. People hurt from the recent earthquake and the dead bodies are being taken to the hospital but there is not enough space to facilitate all of them. There is no morgue. Rescue teams belonging to Pak Army are currently busy in its relief and rescue operations.

FPCCI with its CSR committee, has made a plan of quick mobile medical teams and mobile hospitals. According to this plan, Indus hospital will send their doctors and paramedical staff to Awaran and will start their duties there to treat the affected families.

It is estimated that if a quick rescue and a relief operation might not begin in Awaran, then the death toll could rise to a concerning level.


Team HTV

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