Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and Apollo Hospital Initiate Combined Surgeries

Team HTV Feb 23 2015

Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Karachi and Apollo Hospital in India have launched combined liver ward units from which liver diseases and surgeries will be performed. The Peace Clinic liver ward units have been set in Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Group Director of Apollo Hospital, Dr. Anupam Subal, said that the first liver transplant in India took place in 1998, whereas since 2000, 540 Pakistanis have been treated in India.

In a news conference at Ziauddin University Clifton, Dr. Anupam Subal said that a lot of people in Pakistan and India are facing liver problems for which telemedicine and electronic ICUs would be introduced. This would reduce the cost of treatment for patients. Liver surgery is a complicated surgery which needs many doctors and large financial resource. Dr. Anupam said that both Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and Apollo Hospital India have such unique infrastructures which allow liver transplantation. The treatments would be started within one year, for which a team of doctors would be sent to India for training. On the occasion, Dr. Naveed Aslam stated that Dr. Ziauddin Hospital is trying its best to spread awareness amongst the public about liver diseases.

Team HTV

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