Chairman of SCC: Illegal Appointment for CEO of DRAP

Team HTV Feb 09 2015

Chairman of the Senate Committee Commerce, Senator Haji Gulam Ali has said that despite the opposition of the local pharmaceutical industry, the owner of a multinational company has been illegally made the CEO of the Drug Regularity Authority of Pakistan.

According to the Chairman of the Senate Committee Commerce, Senator Haji Gulam Ali, the appointment of the Director of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company is illegal according to the appointment rules, section 18, as it clearly mentions that the worker or the owner of a pharmaceutical company could not be made the chief of DRAP. He further said that it would not be allowed to use DRAP to plot against local pharmaceutical companies. The multinational companies want to destroy the local industry and gain a hold on the market. He said that the local industry is providing employment to millions through 550 industrial units, therefore this industry needs to be provided protection at all levels. Senator Haji Gulam Ali has mentioned that the appointment of any CEO except from Health Department is illegal and a source of destruction for the developing local pharmaceutical industry.

Team HTV

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