Another Polio Case Diagnosed In Karachi

Team HTV Mar 16 2015

With the diagnosis of this new case, it is feared that the Anti-Polio Vaccination Campaign has been ineffective at large. According to reports, the concerned officials from the Department of Health have not paid adequate attention to this health crisis. Since the beginning of the year, 11 cases of polio have been reported in Sindh out of which 10 were identified in Karachi. It has been alleged that the officials are too embroiled in corrupt practices to pay due heed to redressing this concern. They have also failed to invest adequate resources and time into launching an awareness campaign. This latest case of polio is from the Mansehra Colony located in UC 5. The patient is the 12 month old daughter of Zakir, who refused to allow health workers to administer polio vaccinations to his daughter.

Team HTV

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