Let’s Talk About Suicide


Suicide is an act that is not only condemned by the society but also by our religion, Islam. Therefore, the topic has turned into a taboo. Statistical data on suicide is not available in Pakistan since such deaths are not included in the national mortality count. The major sources of information on suicides in our country are newspapers, NGO’s, media, social media, and/or police departments of various cities. The amount of people committing suicide is on the rise and it is time to discuss the situation more openly.

Who Is Committing Suicide?

The next question that comes to mind is who is more likely to commit suicide in our society. Current survey indicates that instances of suicides are more common among people who are under 30. This includes especially the married women and teenagers. The main causes leading to suicide range from a grotesque issue of domestic violence to something as minor as a bad grade. Unemployment and poverty are other major reasons behind people committing this heinous act of taking their lives. The level of frustration among people is increasing with every passing day and if they are not killing others, they are inclined to commit suicide.

What Drives One to Take Their Own Life?

This is a question that has robbed many a scholar of their peace and tranquility. At what point does someone decide that death is a much better option than living. Most of the great thinkers believe that more often than not, it is the absence of an objective in a person’s life that leads to hopelessness and ultimately suicide.

If we put this theory on our society, you will see that it fits. Following are the most adversely affected individuals concerning the suicide scenario:

Let's Talk About Suicide

In some cases, health problems, family disputes, homelessness, and various other societal pressures lead to suicides or suicidal behavior. Depression is another major reason behind the curse of suicide. Society with its impossible demands is the root cause of this problem in Pakistan. The constant pressure of achieving something leads to continuous screams of ‘you can’t do it’ which often causes a sense of failure. This feeling is so deep rooted that people find it easier to just give up instead of fighting a battle they know they will never win.

What is to be Done?

People who are prone to suicidal behavior should be saved. We need to challenge the ridiculous standards of our society. We should spread awareness among the masses concerning this ever-increasing national problem. Most of all, we need to practice more kindness, empathy, and love towards other people. We need to start talking about suicide!