Karachi Se Lahore: Pakistan’s first film to reach Hollywood


A crisp road-trip film dissimilar to every other Pakistani flick so far, Karachi Se Lahore is a type of movie that has never been made before in Pakistan. The film’s humor builds the foundation and makes it worth viewing.

The movie is written by Yasir Hussain. Director and producer Wajahat Rauf has been running his production house for a couple of years now and has been creating some quality sitcoms, drama serials and telefilms.

Filled with different shades of cinematography, Karachi se Lahore can inspire an emotional response with any age group. The film conveys essential life lessons and is not merely trivial or message-less. As far as we can predict, it is hopefully an absolute entertainer.

Although this is Wajahat’s first film experience, he is not new to the industry. Wajahat has formerly managed music bands and helped them come to good standing. He was likewise part of a well known music channel for a while and did well in keeping the channel alive. Music was always his passion. However, a greater passion was film, a production house and the big screen. He left his job to accomplish his dreams, which generally were hard to deal with an occupation.

Because Karachi se Lahore is Wajahat’s first film encounter, the senior cast was a bit reluctant at first for working with him.

However, not long after the lead actors read the script, they were all excited to be a part of the experience. They were energized and were stunned to perceive how great a script it was and began to compare it to Bollywood.

The cast contains well known veteran actors like Javed Sheikh and Rashid Naaz and a group of extremely talented young actors like Eshita Syed, Ayesha Omar, Shehzad Sheik and Yasir Hussain.

Karachi Se Lahore is presently all situated to debut in Hollywood now.

“Who says dreams cannot be achieved?” Wajahat comments. “Hard work always pays off. It is my honor and privilege to represent KSL in Pakistan and Hollywood. The whole team is excited and pumped about our premiere in Hollywood.”

The film secures the record for being the first Pakistani motion picture to be debuted in Hollywood. This is an incredible accomplishment for team KSL and additionally the Pakistani Cinema.

Eshita Syed, one of the lead actresses, is highly excited about its premier.

“Filming Karachi se Lahore was a great experience. Of course it is the first Pakistani road trip film, so it was full of adventure. We all enjoyed a lot and put all of our energy into it.”

The appealing and sizzling performances by Ayesha Omar are not item numbers as the team had mentioned some time ago. Yet, at the same time, the stunning music and execution by Ayesha fuel things up in a decent manner.

The film’s composition was produced by Ali Noor from Noori. Ali and Wajahat have been friends for a while and Ali understands the type of work that Wajahat needs for his film.

Wajahat, along with his crew, is all set to release his debut film on the big screen on July 31st.

“I personally invite everyone to come and support Pakistani cinema and Karachi se Lahore,” Eshita adds. “See you all there.”

The whole cast is pumped up to bolster KSL. They are being spotted at every other silver screen every day to promote their film. The motion picture is as of now standing out as truly newsworthy. It is situated to be an incredible hit.

Even Ayesha Omer comments on her movie saying,

“I have great hopes for the film. We have all worked very hard, day and night, and I have my fingers crossed for great success.”

I wish the team fortunes and praise them for hitting a milestone and reaching Hollywood. Cheers!