Here is why you need to watch Syed Noor’s new movie


Pakistan’s veteran filmmaker Syed Noor is accredited for rekindling the revival of Pakistani cinema in the mid-90s and has many masterpieces to his name.

Yet he battles to release his movies on time.

In January 2014, Noor guaranteed four movies in a row and, tragically, each one of them are subjected to a deferral for some reason or the other. However, following a five-year delay, he is finally set to release his eagerly awaited film Price of Honor soon after Eid.

Noor is disappointed for not being able to release his films on time yet is confident that his films are all going to add to the glory of Lollywood. Based in Lahore and having written around 400 scripts under his belt, he has earned many awards. Noor even has the experience of directing and co-producing a Bollywood movie Meri Shadi Karao.

Price of Honor is a presents an insightful look at the gory crime of honor killings in Pakistan and has for the most part been shot in Rahim Yar Khan, the locale where most honor killings are accounted for. Atif Naveed, Rakshi and Danyal, the performers assuming lead parts in the film, were all handpicked by Noor himself from a talent hunt show where he was the judge. The film was originally supposed to be premiered in July 2010, but because of some unforeseen circumstances the release was postponed.

After July 2010, the release date for the film was again pushed almost a year later to April 2011. Following some technical issues during the editing process, which took nearly four years to get fixed, Price of Honor is now slated to premiere shortly after Eid of this year.

Noor received a great deal of praise by the film crew directly after he disclosed the venture. The story of the film is based on the human rights issue of honor killings in Pakistan. It is reality based and thought provoking. A woman is raped and tortured. And, after bearing so much pain, instead of being protected and taken care of, is murdered in the name of honor killing.

Noor has mentioned that Price of Honor is not based on a single individual; rather the story is about a very common practice that takes place in Pakistan and is not being dealt with properly. It is for the masses and highlights an issue that prevails in our society. Noor further clarifies that the film is not in any way related to the story of Mukhtara Mai and the rumors that were spread are baseless.

Noor these days is busy negotiating with distributors and cinema owners for a global release of his film. He wants to showcase his film in Europe, USA, India and all the cities of Pakistan.

We wish Noor good fortunes with his endeavors. He is by all accounts focused towards the recovery of the Pakistani silver screen. As per Noor, the Pakistani film industry has given him much room and to make Lollywood enormous he will do everything conceivable in his lifespan.

His endeavors are exemplary and he plans to release all his movies that were subjected to a delay earlier sometime this year. These include Bhai Wanted, and O Amrica.

Movies have a way of addressing our psyche like no other medium. Movies help get message through to us and also sustain us through psychological issues by becoming a mode of catharsis. If this movie becomes successful, it would definitely create a dialogue and make people understand the reality of honor killings.