Benefits of Coffee on health

If you are one of the millions out there who depend on coffee to kick-start their mornings then you are lucky. Below are a few benefits of coffee:

Prevents Depression

According to a study from the “Archives of Internal Medicine” women who consumed 2-3 cups of coffee a day were 15% less likely to develop depression where as women who consumed 4 cups of coffee or more were 20% more likely to suffer from depression.

Prevents Gallstones

A Harvard study in 2002 concluded that people who drank four cups of coffee or more per day had a 25% less chance of developing gallstones.

Decreases Diabetes risk

Another study concluded that regular coffee drinkers who consume 4 cups of coffee or more have an astonishing 50% less chance of developing type 2 Diabetes.

Improves Memory

People who consume two cups of coffee or more had improved reaction times and short-term memory.
Another study concluded that women 65 and older who drank 3 cups of coffee or more had decreased chances of memory loss.

Boosts Metabolism

A great thing about coffee is that it tends to boost your metabolism and even helps lose weight. Though a study in 2006 also confirmed that the benefits of boosting metabolism were a lot higher in lean people rather than obese people.

Reduces chances of developing cancer

There has been a direct correlation of decreased prostate, liver, endometrial and breast cancer with increased coffee consumption. A 2011 study on breast cancer revealed that drinking five cups would decrease the incidence of cancer by 20% and a 2008 study concluded that drinking three cups of coffee delays the onset of cancer.

Works as an Antioxidant

A Harvard research paper concluded that coffee has more anti-oxidants than numerous fruits and vegetables and a study conducted in America found that coffee was actually the number one source of anti-oxidants.

Decreases chances of developing Parkinson’s disease

In 2000 the Journal of American Medical Association cited that caffeine decreased the risk for Parkinson’s disease and consuming 3 cups of coffee decreased the chances of developing the disease by 25%

Decreased Gout incidence

A 2007 study concluded that people consuming regular cups of coffee had a decreased level of gout and drinking six cups decreased the incidence of the condition by 60%

Coffee enhances performance

The reason that coffee tends to be one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world is that it affects performance. A 2008 study concluded that coffee helped athletes perform better in training if taken an hour before the routine.

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