7 Natural Ways to Feel Better During Cold and Flu

Saad Shafqat Dec 15 2016
7 Natural Ways to Feel Better During Cold and Flu

On a general basis, people tend to catch ‘cold’ and ‘flu’ during the winter season. The affected person tends to represent with the symptoms of pain, headache, fever, lethargy, running nose etc. During this phase, the patient tends to look for short term solutions, but that shouldn’t be the approach to follow.

The doctor’s referral is of paramount importance in such conditions as he is the prime person to guide you and give you the proper treatment protocol. Apart from the doctor’s referral, you can always use the natural ingredients for your own betterment.

Through this article, we will be explaining natural ways to feel better during cold and flu.

1. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

The incorporation of good water intake is adamant for proper body functioning, may it be in a diseased free state or vice versa. Drinking ample amount of water, in the cold and flu will help the body regain the amount of fluid which has been lost and will prevent the chances of any sort of complicated symptoms like dehydration.

2. Clearance of the Nose

Repeated clearance of the nose also helps the person feel a bit better during illness, especially flu. The clearance of the nose also provides a clear pathway for proper breathing through the nose. The best way to clear the nose is to put one finger on one nostril and blow out the nose from the adjacent one.

3. Rest Is Adamant

During the flu or cold, the person tends to get irritated, agitated because of the symptoms. So, in order to get rid of that, rest is very important. Rest not only allows your body to heal, but it will also help the person to regain the lost energy.

4. Hot Liquids

The use of hot liquids can also help decrease the cold. Incorporate the use of green tea, ginger tea or normal tea during the treatment. They relieve the nasal congestion and also soothe the inflamed tissues.

5. Sleep With an Extra Pillow

Place an extra pillow beneath your head to keep your skull elevated. The elevation will help provide relief from nasal congestion.

6. Do Gargles

Gargling also tends to provide temporary relief and moistens the soft palate area. Add 1 tablespoon of salt in 1 glass of lukewarm water and use this to do gargles. You can also use honey instead of salt, if you want to taste something during the cold.

7. Drink Soups

The most common remedy for cold and flu is the homemade chicken soup. The broth doesn’t only provide you with a source of energy, but also helps relieve the symptoms like nasal congestion, sore throat etc.

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