CSR Conference 2015


The Professionals Network (TPN) and CSR Association of Pakistan are jointly hosting the 4th International CSR Summit, Awards & CSR Gallery on February 12th, 2015 at Hotel Marriott-Karachi. The objective of our events is to provide an innovative platform of interaction and networking, while creating awareness about CSR among the conference delegates and award participants. The experts from various Corporate Companies, International NGO’s, Academia and International Donor Agencies will be the part of these activities and will also discuss the emerging concepts and issues related to CSR in Pakistan and provide remedies based on practical approaches and implementation techniques. Moreover, TPN has also planned to stage an exclusive “CSR Gallery” in February 12th, 2015 event, like we did in the last three events. The Corporate Companies and NGO’s will showcase their exemplary CSR Activities / Initiatives (local or international) for the promotion of CSR in Pakistan.

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