Heat Wave 2016– FAQs

After 2015, Karachi must prepare itself to face the heat wave again. As per the meteorological office forecast, the city will witness heavy rainfall from April end to mid May followed by extreme hot weather till June end.

10 Causes of Going Gray Early

How does your hair get its natural colour? What are the causes of going gray early? What are the possible remedies to prevent or at least slow down the graying of hair? Graying of hair is a natural occurrence, which with age at one point of…

Pakistan Day: Celebrations All the Way!

March 23 holds its significance for Pakistan in two respects. In 1940, it was the date when the All-India Muslim League, in Manto Park, Lahore, moved its resolution, which demanded the creation of a separate ‘state’ for the Muslims of the,…

Do you smoke, or do you vape?

By the end of every year, Oxford Dictionary announces its “Oxford Dictionaries Word of the year” (WOTY) – a word or expression that had been significantly been used or had attracted a great deal of interest with in the past 12 months.

Cooking, creativity and calmness

Healthy food leads to healthy life – and yes I know it’s nothing new; we talk about it and we try to consume the maximum of it, but does cooking itself, as an activity, has an input in our wellness? It does, more than we know it!