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November 2013

Is your hair falling this winter?

As cool, dry air blows you feel dry skin, nails cracking and hair falling along with dandruff. If you end up having snowflakes on your shoulders in winter it is not due to snowing as Karachiites don’t experience it

Aching joints in winter

Is your grandfather complaining of joint aches more during this cold season? I bet yes! Cold, wet weather, changes in air pressure, and sleeping too much, decreased physical activity may all leave your joints feeling stiff and aching in the…

How do we build self-confidence in children?

Many parents complain that their children are shy, nervous and have fear of trying new things. It is also a common complain that kids can’t chose and can’t decide, therefore parents decide for them. When I ask them if the child plays any…

Breathe… But only clean air!

For all living beings breathing is the only thing which makes them alive – the distinguishing feature between living beings and non-living things. Inhaling air is a natural process for most people.